Extra-Curricular Activities

To ensure all round development of the students,emphasis is laid on co-curricular activities.The students are encouraged to participate in singing,dancing and painting.Extra curricular activities like declamation contests,song competitions,rangoli,dance competition,writing competition and other functions are also organized from time to time.On Saturdays interclass and interhouse competitions are organized Housewise duties help in developing positive qualities like discipline,punctuality,cleanliness and regularity in the young minds.It is made sure that extra-curricular activities do not become a boring,expensive or uneducative affair.

The institution also takes part in Republic Day and independence Day celebrations at the subdivisional level.A choreographic item by students won a prize for special performance during the Independence Day celebrations at Ropar.Students are encouraged to participate in outdoor activities also.Tours and excursions are planned for students during academic year.

The Art and Craft program offered at the school lets the child express his/her creativity in a beautiful manner. It has a cathartic effect on students enabling them to cope up with their frustrations also. Students are trained in Pottery, Paper Machine, Sculpturing, painting and sketching. They are also trained in making replicas of beautiful landmarks and monuments, which gives them an understanding of architectural designs.

The whole idea is to orient students towards other viable career options-Nurture not only Doctors , Engineers and Architect but also Artists, Dancers and Musicians.


Charles Darwin once said, “If I had to live my life again, I would have made a rule to read some poetry and listen to music at least once every week.” Yes�- listening to music certainly eases out stress. It makes us sensitive to the more delicate aspects of life. Music helps us in the development of aesthetic sense. This art lends a grace to our lives.

Community singing and music, form an integral part of the school curriculum, bringing rhythm and melody in the otherwise strenuous routine of the students.

Dance (Folk / Classical / Western)

‘Dancing is the most moving and beautiful of the arts. It is not mere translation.’ Thus, we at SKS Academy also aim at developing and enhancing the aesthetic sense of our students. The school has a spacious dance room for the students.


“Art is not only the means of self expression but also of communication.” It inculcates the aesthetic sense and power to appreciate beauty. Academy provides a platform to its students where they can share their ideas through various competitions.

  • Acting as a spout for the outlet of artistic disposition.

  • Providing easel to the artistic bent of minds.

  • Giving vent to creating and artistic aura.