Books for Session (Nur to XII): 2021
Download : List of books for the Session 2022
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Boys Girls
1. Skin (Fawn) Turban (Compulsory for Sikh students from 9th onwards) Skin (Fawn) Dupatta (Compulsory for all Girls VI Onwards)
2. Skin (Fawn) Patka (Compulsory for Sikh students from Class Nur. to 8th) -----
3. The collared. Half sleeved Specially Fabricated Shirt for S.K.S. Academy Tie collared, half sleeved specially Fabricated Shirt for S.K.S. Academy
4. School Tie and Belt School Tie and Belt
5. Skin (Fawn) Colour shorts (Class Nur. to V) Skin (Fawn) Colour Tunic (Nur. to UKG) Skin (Fawn) Colour Skirt (Ist to V) Salwar/Kameej with Dupatta of the same combination (Class 6th to 12th)
6. Skin (Fawn) Socks with red strips Skin (Fawn) Ribbons Skin (Fawn) Socks with red strips
7. Black liberty shoes with laces. Black Liberty shoes with buckle.

P.T. Dress: On Wednesday & Saturdays

Boys Girls
1. All White Dress(Check Strips)with school Tie, Belt All White Dress. (Check Strips) with School Tie, Belt
2. White Turban/Patka White Ribbon
3. White Socks with red strips White Socks with Red Strips
4. White Canvas Shoes White Canvas Shoes

WINTER UNIFORM w.e.f. 1st Oct onwards

Same as in summer with the following add on