Medical Aid


Sick children should be kept at home. If a child becomes sick at school, the limited school facilities will be used, until parents are contacted. Parents are then requested to take children home.

Parents are notified immediately if a child has a serious accident. If it is not possible to make contact then medical assistance will be sought at the doctor identified on the personal record cards, or at the hospital.

Prescription medicine brought to school by a child will be administered by ancillary staff, once a parent requests such assistance in writing.


If a student becomes ill at school or has an accident she or he is cared for and parents contacted to make arrangements for going home.

If students require medication at school it should be in a container clearly labelled with name, class, dosage and time to be taken. All medication should be given to the teachers assistant at the beginning of the school day. It is important for parents to keep the school informed of changes to telephone numbers so that contact can be made quickly if necessary.