School Rules & Guidelines

Various rules and guidelines school has for students and recommendaitons for parents please explore the sections mentioned below. kindly click on the heading to expand the content.

  1. In all cases,fees are to be paid in advance.
  2. Registration fees,Admission fees and Annual charges are not refundable and must be deposited alongwidth the fees of the month of March.
  3. No pupil will be allowed to return to school after the exams unless all accounts are cleared.
  4. No reduction is made for broken periods/months.
  5. All dues must be paid either by cash in the school office or by crossed bank draft drawn in favour of "Sant Karam Singh Academy" payable at Ropar.
  6. Last date for the payment of fee is the 15th of each month.A fine of Rs.10/- will be charged per day from 16th to the last day of the month and after that the name will be struck off without any will be re-admitted only after charging Re-admission fee as decided by the Principal/Management.

Students who are not availing bus service,if want to avail service on any particular day must seek prior permission from the principal or the Managing Director(M.D)

Every student availing school bus facility shall board in and down on the fixed bus stop specified by the parents.

Parents are requested to train their children regarding boarding in and down the bus and how to cross the road.

If there is any change in the address/bus stop,inform the Principal or the Managing Director (M.D)in writing.

  1. Books are issued to the students on recommendation of the class teacher.
  2. Books may be retained for a period not exceeding 7 days.
  3. A fine of Rs. 2/- per day will be charged for such volumes kept over time.
  4. Books may be renewed on request at the discretion of the librarian/class-teacher.
  5. Books spoiled damaged or disfigured in any way shall have to be replaced by the borrower within a month without fail alongwith the fine.

The following categories of students may not be allowed to continue in the school:-

FOR POOR ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE: Those who fail to show satisfactory progress will not be allowed to continue with the educational programme of the school.

NON PAYMENT OF FEES: Those whose fee is in arrears.

ON DISCIPLINARY GROUNDS: Those whose behavior and conduct in the opinion of the Principal/Management is harmful and destructive to the interest of other students and the school.

SECURITY REFUND: The amount of security deposit(if any) should be claimed with in six months from the date of leaving the school otherwise it will stand forfeited.

Students not returning to school after annual exams must informs the school authorities in written and apply for the School Leaving Certificate/Transfer Certificate by 15th January at the latest each year,else Three Months School Fees alongwith School Leaving Certificate fee of Rs.500/-will be charged.

Transfer Certificate/School Leaving Certificate and Progress Report Card shall not be issued unless all dues are paid.

Duplicate copies of such certificates will be issued in special cases only that too after thorough verification and the payment of an amount decided by the school as Duplication Certificate Fee.

If a student demands for the S.L.C/Transfer Certificate during session,he/she has to submit a three months notice in advance else three months Dues will be charged from him/her alongwith the S.L.C fee of Rs. 500/-.