Our Mission


The school aims at imparting a complete and quality in true sense of the word,not only by way of formidably high academic standards but also by developing all facilities-intellectual,physical and spiritual.It lays stress practicing true quality among all students irrespective of the financial status and background of their parents.It is one of the objects of the school to train its girls and boys to men and women of strong character,high principles and a sympathetic outlook.


Sant Karam Singh Academy is a group of diverse and inclusive school committed to academic excellence and integration of children from rural and backward areas so that they can cope up with the changing world. It is an education designed to succeed in the coming millennium by nurturing our students as useful citizens and future leaders by inculcating in them culture of excellence, innovation, creativity, high moral values passion for lifelong learning and a Global perception.


  • To prepare our students for higher education.
  • To create an environment that nurtures character and fosters the development of mind, body and spirit.
  • Ensure access, retention and quality education.
  • Cultivate socially acceptable behavior positive attitude and ethical values.
  • Equip teachers with novel resources to bloom themselves and to groom the growing buds to their best.
  • To infuse temper of competence.


The motto of the school is ‘Education is the real treasure ‘which bears testimony to the efforts made by the whole world to keep that treasure safe. Our academy encourages our students to use the knowledge of the education to its maximum use. Because a human being is not in proper sense till he is educated. By placing this motto ahead we motivate our students to earn this wealth so that they can grow up to be constructive member of society and patriotic citizens.